GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream

Event name:

Glory 77

Match card:

Rico vs Jamal


Singapore Indoor Stadium

Event date:

30 January 2021

Live Stream

How to Watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream Online

Every year we see several kinds of sports events and fighting events. The fighting event’s like UFC, WWE, AEW, ONE Championship, Karate King, and more. Like these fights, there has an event name Glory kickboxing.

It is one of the renowned and remarkable kickboxing and martial arts worldwide event. The authority of this event operates their show from the ASIA continent specifically, but they arrange fighters from all over the world.

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Glory kickboxing had been arranging from 2012 to the present. Kickboxing of Glory authority already organized the 76th event periodically and now they are going to host their Glory 77 event in 2021.

In Glory 77, kickboxing people are providing their interest on a heartthrob match Rico vs Jamal. These two are the most dynamic and gigantic kickboxers and they have a huge and prevalent fan base entire the world.

That’s why nobody wants to miss this match but do you know how to watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal? Here’s everything you should know about How to Watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream Online

GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream

Watch Glory 77 Rico vs Jamal live match (Date, place, channel, match details)

Event name:

Glory 77

Match card:

Rico vs Jamal


Singapore Indoor Stadium

Event date:

30 January 2021

Due to the pandemic (Corona Virus) Kickboxing fans didn’t enjoy a single match of glory. They have to wait for a sensation and amusing match for a year, but their waiting period has been finished because Glory 77 is coming.

Two of the biggest energetic fighters from Europe and Africa are going to collide in this match. Jamal is from Morocco (Africa) and RICO is from Netherland (Europe). In Glory 77, Rico is ready to defend his title in front of Jamal BEN Saddik.

Glory Heavyweight world title is one the line in this spectacular kickboxing pay-per-view. On the 30th January 2021 and in the Singapore indoor stadium these two famous fighters will participate in the same ring.

In this particular event, another fight has been fixed from the light heavyweight division Alex Pereira vs ArtemVakhitov. So, don’t miss to watch this mind-blowing event Glory 77.

How to Watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream Online TV

Watching sports matches from every continent now becomes comfier and easier. Via the internet, anyone can watch any kinds of sports main event and PPV effortlessly.

I know Glory kickboxing isn’t so popular like WWE, UFC, and AEW; that’s why ordinary fans face bit issues while watching their Glory kickboxing championship or other matches from their countries and states.

Don’t worry, because I arrange some ways for you and these ways will remove your confusion about How to Watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream Online TV.

Probably, you can watch this show for free from social media links but these 5 online TVs require a premium or paid subscription.

Who doesn’t know about HULU TV and HULU network, it is one of the mainstream and best place for live streaming shows and matches. From awards shows to sports show every type of show is available in this individual network.

In fact, it’s is known as the world’s biggest online show platform. HULU is a paid network and you have to buy their subscription for watching your beloved shows from HULU.

HULU subscription has different categories such as Basic 5.99 (Monthly), Basic + Live TV $64.99 (Monthly), Premium $11.99 (Monthly). As for your affordability, you can choose any network for watching Glory 77 Rico vs Jamal.

Sling is another certain and special online TV network, where you can watch several types of shows, movies, sports events, Drama, Series, and more. SLING is a paid TV and it’s is available in every location of the earth. You have a SLING TV subscription then you can watch the whole PPV of RICO vs Jamal.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t any subscriptions on this channel then you can buy several plans like Orange 30$ (Monthly), BLUE 30$ (monthly), and Blue + orange 45$ (monthly).


BET is a European-based paid online TV, if you are from England, Scotland, Netherland, Wales, and Ireland, then this channel will be adequate for you. BET plus will arrange the RICO vs JAMAL pay per view on the 30th January 2021. For a BET plus premium subscription, you have to spend 9.99$ monthly basis.

Glory kickboxing authority and organizer already declared their official broadcast channel that is PLUTO TV. PLUTO TV contains 250+ channels in one network which is pretty admirable and wow.

The most interesting part about this PLUTO TV, it is totally free. You’re right you don’t have to spend a single penny for watching Glory 77 Jamal vs Rico match via Pluto TV. Therefore, it is going to save you enough money and also it will provide a magnificent live match.

The majority of people systemize their TV with WIFI and that’s why they prefer YouTube TV more than any other FREE TV.  On YouTube TV you will get ABC, NBC streams, ESPN, CBS, FOX, and regional sports networks. It means it’s going to be an all in one TV for you.

Indeed, you can easily watch RICO vs Jamal match on YouTube TV and you won’t face any requirement except their subscription cost.

YouTube TV subscription will cost you $64.99/monthly, if you already have this subscription then best of luck with this greatest match. So, be ready and don’t forget the date of 30th January 2021.

Why you should watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the greatest boxing and mixed martial arts fighting event. In this event, you will show karate, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and several kinds of fight moves.

Lots of people ask why you should watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing live Stream Online instead of other impeccable fighting events. Well, Glory kickboxing is an all in one fighting sports that’s why you should watch it.

Talk about the RICO vs JAMAL both are two renowned and famous fighters. Also, this match is for the world heavyweight championship and both man and favorite for this game. I hope you understand now why you should watch this PPV main event.

Who is going to win this fight (My prediction)?

Numbers of fans have a number of predictions on this fight, some people think RICO will defend his title successfully again and some people think JAMAL will beat him assuredly.

I know it’s a heartthrob match and these two fighters already collide before, but JAMAL was unsuccessful. In truth, things have been changed now, Jamal is fighting with his spirit and it is not possible to suppress Jamal.

There has no doubt that RICO is the greatest fighter of all time and has enough ability to won the match. Overall, in my prediction, I think Jamal will win this game and raise his hand with the Glory world heavyweight championship.

Can you watch the show from the Singapore stadium?

Perhaps, I don’t think Glory authority or stadium hosters will let you in the stadium for watching this show. We all know how much effect the Corona Virus did on our life and we can’t take our life risks.

Glory probably won’t allow the audience or fans to participate in the gallery. But the good news is Corona Vaccine is already taking by the different country and civilization.

If the Singapore government allows injecting the vaccine to you or you already took the vaccine then they could let you in the stadium. Therefore, it all depends on vaccine availability and Corona Situation.

Are they fighting for any title?

Of course, this match is a championship match and they are fighting for the Glory world heavyweight championship. Jamal and Rico both belong to the heavyweight division and that’s why they will fight from this division. A title match always stays in the highest prospect to the fans.

RICO is holding this title for years to years and he chocks out his every opponent and every time he steps in the ring he came out with success. Like other years, this 2021 he will jump in the Glory ring with the high bolt Jamal, let’s see who could manage to win this title.

How long RICO been undefeated in Glory kickboxing?

Rico is a top performer in the Glory kickboxing, still, he rules the Glory and he is the number 1 rank kickboxing fighter in the world. Actually, this fighter is from Netherland and he was started his kickboxing journey back in 2005.

After beating and losing from 2005 to 2015, he started his undefeated journey. From 2015 6th February, he played a total of 12 matches and he didn’t lose a single match.

In every 12 matches, he retains his title from every single specific fighter. That’s why still he is ruling the glory kickboxing ranking.

Who was the last competitor of Jamal and Rico?

For knowing who was the last opponent or competitor of Jamal and Rico both we have to turn back to their career records. Rico started his career in 2005 and Jamal started his kickboxing career in 2011.

The astonishing thought is, Jamal was beaten Rico in this debut match. Forget the entire topic what I said in here before, because we are looking for their very previous competitor.

Rico’s last opponent was Moroccan Bard Hari, and he defeated him by TKO (Leg injury). On the other hand, Jamal’s last fight was with Romanian Benjamin and also he defeated him by KO (Left Hook). So, both fighters won their previous game and it’s time to see who keeps their winning streak alive.

Who are the top 3 fighters in Glory kickboxing?

I’m not going to pick the top 3 fighters from a single division; rather I will like to pick the top 3 performers to form the 3 specific divisions. There has no doubt Rico is the number 1 performer from all division types.

Therefore, I take Rico as the number one rank in Glory kickboxing. 2nd ranked guy will be Alex Pereira; he is a light heavyweight fighter and one of the longest-reigning champions.

ArtemVakhitov is also a remarkable and superior player from the light heavyweight division. He is the champ and fights amazingly, that’s why I will like to put him in the third-ranking.

Where can I watch Glory kickboxing?

One of the best and affordable ways I found out for you so you can watch the whole Rico vs Jamal match, which is the Amazon Prime Video. In recent years, Amazon prime video declared that they will be hosting this event on their video platform.

As they say, you will be able to watch this superb and highly anticipated show via Amazon prime video subscription. It might cost you a little but you watch the live match without facing any trouble.

What channel is Glory kickboxing?

Numerous fans are talking about which channel the official is broadcast of Glory 77. I just received some news about its official broadcast that is Pluto TV.

Not only this TV will show you every single punch and kick live but also you don’t have to pay money to watch this memorable fight. So, prepare yourself because you’re going to get a supreme experience via Pluto TV.

Final words

Above all, we already reached the finishing line and I hope you really enjoyed this whole article. Also, I don’t think you have any confusion about how to Watch GLORY 77 Rico vs Jamal kickboxing Live Stream Online.

I tried to provide you every single piece of information that I have about the Glory 77 Jamal vs Rico fight, thank you. 

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